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Carbon Fiber Folding Property
- Oct 27, 2016 -

Chemical properties of carbon fiber and carbon are similar, apart from the top can be oxidized, for most alkaline is inert. Temperature above 400 ° c in the air is significant oxidation of CO and CO2. Carbon fiber for common organic solvents, acids, alkalis have good corrosion resistance, insoluble does not swell, excellent corrosion resistance, there is no rust problems. Scholar in 1981, PAN-based carbon fiber soaked in a solution of alkaline sodium hydroxide, time is in the past more than 30 years, it remains the fibre form. But its poor impact resistance, easy to damage, in the presence of strong acid oxidation, carbon-fiber electric potential is positive, and electromotive force of aluminum is negative. Happens when a combination of CFRP and aluminum alloy metal carbide, carburization and electrochemical corrosion phenomena. Therefore, the carbon fiber surface treatment before use. [3] carbon fiber there is oil-resistant, radiation resistance, resistance to radiation, toxic gases and slow down neutrons and other characteristics.